Thursday, 26 October 2017


Nonplussed, befuddled, not able to demystify
The agonies of life that compels a man to cry
Blood sucking Demons on the earth and up the sky
Endless killing in place like a blow right in the eye
The trembling —
A story of a young girl in her prime
Innocuous, innocent, she is tagged a flower girl
Given to firm beliefs that she can’t die before her time
Bonzer! That was when her problems start’d to swell
The road —
False evidence against reality, fear
8 o’clock news purging forth bad news in the ear
She is scared of the horror, against her own belief
A visual field of demise was formed in her heart, now conceived

O thou Evil, how impenitent you are
Always seeking to devour any bright and morning star
With its expertise and caprices, it gets down every car
The story of the young girl was, for death, a new chapter
The trip —
She relinquished her fears and thought to pray
Casting and binding her fears, the one and only Abaddon
The Demon stood with friends whilst awaiting his prey
She embarked on her journey – could this be called Armageddon
The midpoint —
The whole essence was Benin to PH
She awoke from her slumber, she was in Imo, touché!
Feeling happy, to herself she began to sing
It happened! Alas!! A dog was on the road and the
driver had to swing.

Tragic! All efforts of the driver was invalid
The bus did several stunts, it was worse than the movie Matrix
Nobody could shout God for it seemed now very torrid
She still believed her God won’t act in a manner rather torpid
The encounter —
Two tires scurried away with great meteor
Just as expected the bus was spinning upside down
Laughing vacantly, Abaddon felt gladdened to destroy
Abigael managed to stand with no bruises up to down
Such ignominy —
The plans of the evil ones had failed
Her star was not a meal,deux ex machina prevailed
Only her survived, I would not say she was fortuitous
God’s glory evinced, even THE ROAD was not contentious.