Tuesday, 3 October 2017


And if it is a must
Dust your pants when you pull yourself up
Frown a little; frown because it took so long
Then squeeze a smile.
Squeeze it till your face’s content is beam
Look afar with less regrets.
Think of you after you’ve healed
Heal – 
But can you?

And if you must go
Have a hope that despite failed attempts
You fought the good fight.
Smile – 
But can you?
She is not in love.
No! She is; she loves someone not you
You are genuine with feelings so true
Forgive I am skeptical about your healing.
So just breathe – 
Or probably shouldn’t.
Will her lovely fragrance not find your senses?
Stiffen your nose off this afoul condition
Take this advice and your aftermath is death.

Only if you must
Walk up to her and don’t talk uneasy.
Speak with passion and crazy
Then she would have known, felt and 
Believed that eyeballs do turn flames.
Show your fears only in words
Show recalcitrance to quit all the same.
And when she screams NO!
Hold her close, and gently stroke her hair
Walk away without one apology.
Then heal – 
Thank your Creator for ending your paranoia
Stop Celine’s blues.
Those are clues to suppress the ancient cues
But can you?
You love her beyond the blues
So get busy; be busy that you can’t think
Take the advice and harm your health.

And when you must go
Beware of earlier scenes of obtrusion
Take a bow
Call it a game; promise her no further tension
But tell her – 
She has an unknown right to know
You won’t stop loving her.
Do this and be close to that feeling
The feel of a cold heart and immediate body freeze.
But you will live on.
This way you show you have gone
But deep down your heart weeps and craves on.
You let go without self-deceit
You go now because you fought and lost.
So hope!
Today you are broken
Tomorrow you may be whole.
It’s fine to fight before using the door.
Break while you fight till cupid calls you lurid
Yes you were stupid!
Stupid in love and never timid to confess.
So hope!
Hope the inner noise knows tranquillity.
I can’t swear you will heal
But now you can go, if you must.