Monday, 12 December 2016


 According to reports from autotainmenttv, BMW has finally unleashed the all new M760 Li to ease the brand's lovers who were looking out for the BMW M7 that BMW doesn't definitely make. But instead you can be rest assured that BMW M760 Li XDrive is an undeniable substitute.

The new M760 Li XDrive gives out 600bhp and 590b ft with a 6.6 twin-turbo v12 Engine with 0.62 mph time of 3.9 seconds and 155mph (limited top speed). The the all new M760Li is elegant , gallant and classic. Blessed with silky all-aluminum V12 termed for an M-PErformance different M Power.

 The M760Li is beyond comparison to its many counterparts as its stand  classically and in It's own class. The torque is transmitted to the ground through an 8- speed auto with paddles and XDrive four-wheel drive with a redefined rear. With the higher compression ratio that contributes a good and reasonable fuel and C02 figures, BMW has emphasized that the all new BMW M760 Li is driver's delight any given time