Monday, 7 November 2016

Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) featured on CNN

Popular Blogger, Linda Ikeji got her new social networking site featured on CNN. Read article after the break…

“Love her or not, she's one of Africa's most famous news and gossip writers. Now she's hoping to take on Facebook with her very own social network, which she says hit 50,000 sign-ups on the first day.
Linda Ikeji, a former model from Lagos, Nigeria, says her social network, LIS (Linda IkejiSocial) has something others lack: a one-stop shop for everything online.

"About 30-40 million Nigerians are now online, and they go through so many sites," Ikeji told CNN.
"They go to Facebook for connecting with friends. They come to my blog to read the news. They buy and sell things and go to places like Nairaland where they exchange opinions."
Just six days in, the network has 86,000 followers. Within the next five years, Ikeji said she hopes to be the new Facebook.

"Facebook is my competition," said the businesswoman, who is famous for her tabloid reporting, which many have criticized for promoting gossip and lacking in credibility.

In 2014 her blog came under scrutiny amidst allegations of plagiarism and unfair usage of images which led to the blogging platform Blogger, run by Google, temporarily taking her website offline”