Monday, 24 October 2016

That affair wey help your career fit also spoil your life

Mention the word ‘bottom power’ and what comes to mind is the picture of a ruthless ambitious woman, ready to sleep her way to the top. And it doesn’t matter who with. Amanda, now in her 40s, was not born poor, so had no excuse all those years for falling for Sam, a man well above her reach.

When the odd couple went out on their rare outings together, no one would have guessed what type of relationship they had “To the outside world as we walked hand-in- hand into a restaurant, we’d have looked the absolute picture of a couple in love”, Mandy said.

“Yet the tawdry truth was somewhat different. This man was not my boyfriend. He was very much married and sadly, much as I would have wanted it more than anything else

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By Bunmi Sofola