Saturday, 1 October 2016

POEM: Orji

Orji wouldn't u let me breathe?
or carry me away like a troubled water
Shivering from the freeze u bring
Bitter truth your moan is what I yearn
Sugar coated words are laid
But the pot is the harvest plan
Lies have been told with your name
Hearts have been swayed
What a shame, beauty pushes to the extreme
The canoon waiting to be shot
After laying a bed filled with thorns
He stretches his arm to reach to her face
As he sprays his sweet venom on her
She melts again and again
Oh I found it! Her joy begins, beautiful smile all she gives as he moves his arms around her body
A pleasant noise is what she brings
A 3 point agenda all he needs
Oh such scrumptious tongue sends her to oblivion
Breast caressed now make her fall
As her body reacts to this deceitful art
Oh now her body can't hold back
She begins to smile as she spreads out
Now a grin is thrown back at her
As pole meets pot as the pounding fake’s tempo with the joy feeling the air
This sensation can't be rivaled
He turns her again and again plugging and playing like game
Fantasy all met by this play
As he finally smiled because he achieved his aim!!

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