Tuesday, 13 September 2016

When your hubby needs "Outside" help!

With many of our men complaining of different types of ‘accidents’ in the bedroom, it is no surprise that the help of what is now termed a ‘sexual surrogate’ could come in handy. The average ‘sexual surrogate’ is not a prostitute but a trained psychotherapist who acts as a surrogate for men suffering from a variety of sexual problems which are hampering their ability to have a normal physical relationship.

Padma Deva is currently a highly successful surrogate based in the UK. She said she’s never had a negative experience with a client, and far from feeling in any way degraded by her work, she finds it emotionally fulfilling.

Source: Vanguard Online News

According to her: “It is wonderful to witness the transformation my clients undergo, and knowing I have played a part in that is rewarding. During an initial consultation with a new client, I recommend a client sees their doctor to rule out physical causes for their sexual problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure.”

If surrogacy is deemed appropriate, she asks her client to take a sexually transmitted disease test before hand. Only then can the surrogacy work begin. To start with, both client’ and surrogate may remain fully clothed, focusing on exercises such as touching each other’s hands, arms, shoulders and face. As the therapy advances, the client and the surrogate may build up to removing their clothes, engaging in genital contact and, if necessary and appropriate, full sexual intercourse.

According to Padma, almost all of the clients she has seen for premature ejaculation issues have been able to improve the duration of their love-making from a typical 30-60 seconds initially, up to and beyond the male average of five to ten minutes. Similarly, she says 90 per cent of her erectile dysfunction clients have learned how to gain an erection without relying on medication such as viagra.

‘Every client I’ve worked with has left the programme with new-found confidence,” she said. One of such clients is Alan, a 28-year-old clerical worker, who decided to see her because he was a virgin with no confidence around women. He says his life was miserable because of his lack of sexual experience, which he thinks results from shyness. “It also made me think of myself as worthless,” he explains.

I once dated and fell in love with a lovely girl who seemed to be attracted to me. I remember her writing to me to make the first move sexually, but I didn’t have a clue what to do, so I made up some weak excuse and went home. I once read about the Mughal era in India, where they would send young boys to specialised prostitutes who would educate them in the art of love-making. I remember wishing something like that had been available to me.” Click here to read more