Monday, 12 September 2016

Watch How Shoprite Bread Caused Fight between Man and Bae

There was a long queue yesterday waiting to buy bread at Shoprite, Adeniran Ogunsanya , Lagos, which lasted for almost 2 hours. The queue resulted to a fight as some people that came late wanted to buy  bread before those that were there earlier, the manager of that department later said that the bread will be sold to only those that were on the queue. 

watch and read what caused it after the break...

Some group of girls wanted to force themselves into the line as they couldn’t have the patience to go and stand at the end of the queue. It resulted into argument and pushing between those that was not in the queue and those that were in the queue.  

 At the process of the argument and pushing, someone pick pocketed a phone which belongs to a man on the queue who was preventing the girls from forcing themselves into the queue. He suspected the girls and said he wanted to search them; the girls saw this as an insult and prevented the man from searching them. The man insisted to search them by force.

On arrival at the scene, the alleged boyfriend of one of the girls who went to get other things came to meet his girlfriend arguing with another man, collected the case from his bae and started fighting the man. 

The fight later involved the girl’s friends and other customers who were supporting the man whose phone was stolen. The fight was brutal because both parties ended up with injuries. The fight was settled upon the arrival of the security and the police and those involved were handed over to the police. 

Peace was restored and the queue was moving fast with people actually buying what they came for (bread).

But chai!! Dat Shoprite bread na die ooo, bread wey dey cause fight.