Thursday, 8 September 2016

Hands-free urinal for men created by Spanish Investors

Three Spanish engineers from Valencia have invented a hands-free urinal for men dubbed the 'penis-bidet' and it comes complete with soap and drier. The Urinal 2.0  will wash and dry genitals after every trip to the toilet. Sensors in the machine detect when the men are done splashing before dousing the private parts with a three-second spray of soapy water.

Once covered, a blast of hot air dries the privates, so that they can be slipped back into their underwear.
Eduard Gevorkyan, the biochemist behind the idea, said:
'We came up with the use of sensors, so that the user does not have to touch anything and everything is as hygienic as possible.'
He teamed up with economist Ivan Giner and business coach Miguel Angel to patent the design which is ready to go to the prototype stage.

Mr Gevorkyan has vowed the machine will work regardless of the size of the user's manhood, 'so that no-one in the world be discriminated against'.

Source: LIB