Friday, 26 August 2016

11 ways to drive traffic to your website

You can improve traffic to your website/blog with the following tested and proven methods. Am not going to bore you with long write ups on these methods in this very post. Am going to reserve the write ups for a later day. This post offers just a quick run down of the various ways in which you can drive traffic to your website/blog easily.

They are:
1. Writing great and powerful contents
2. Using Search Engine optimization (SEO) strategy
3. Using the various social media platforms to attract as many eyes as possible
4. Using Backlink/linkback system
5. Posting contents with different headlines
6. Killer website/blog design
7. Traffic purchase
8. Content listing
9. Using Really Simple Syndication feed (RSS feed)
10.Writing contents that teach how to do something (The How Tutorials)
11 Using traffic generator software

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Source: ICTWIZ