Friday, 22 July 2016

Why can’t he let go his wife for our love?

Dear Aisha, I started an affair with a married man who used to be my next-door neighbour. He moved away shortly after he got married, so I don’t really know his wife. We meet up about twice a week and the sex is mind-blowing.

I’m completely in love with him but he tells me he’ll never leave his wife and their two young children. The thing is, he’s always happy to see me whenever we meet and buys me lovely presents. The looks he gives tell me he has feelings for me. Do you think he loves me without realizing it yet?

Chichi, by sms.

Dear Chichi, I’m sure you know in your heart of hearts that you’re kidding yourself believing this adulterer could be in love with you. This man has been completely up-front with you from the start. He’s told you he won’t leave his wife, but because you’ve fallen for him, you’re hoping that he’s fallen for you. Unfortunately, he hasn’t, he may like you, like the sex he has with you, but the look is in anticipation of the free no-strings attached sex he craves from you. If you want something more than he’s offering at the moment, then dump him and look for a man who doesn’t want to eat his cake and still have it.