Wednesday, 20 July 2016


In my imperfection I found a rare gem crafted by the Most High;
A damsel have come to cherish;
My imperfect words not fit for her
Coined on the best of days
Calved into the best of shapes
 In her I lost my gaze
A lady I surely crave 
Even in her imperfections she stands tall 

In my everyday venture my heart yearns for her
A wonder of a creature
She is a lady that perfects my imperfections
Crazy I am as I write
Stupid I would be if I lose her
Story been told of love
None could describe your perfection
Indeed am in a mania
For her My imperfections perfected by her;
She’s not perfect, but her imperfection has won my heart
As I dream of my heart
 Let my words bring her smiles because all of me loves all of her.......#Nelly

By - Kelechi Orji