Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Topic:              The Lord’s Prayer
Sub Topic:       Thine is the Power
Text:                Matt 6:13, 1 Chron 29:11, col 1:13:19

Power is the ability to perform a task or work. It is the strength or authority to act or to accomplish something. Hence power is given to achieve a purpose or service. Jer 32.17, Eph 3:20, Isa 14:5-6.

Case study 1:   Matt 12:22:30   Case Study 2: Mark 1:21:27
The foundation of effective and answered prayers is the awareness of and faith in these three (3) truths.
i.             The kingdom of God is the only one with absolute power
ii.            The power belong only to God and it is the most powerful
iii.          The Glory belongs to God alone. Thus prayer must be made from the view point of an already won victory and our part in prayer is just asking for divine enforcement of God’s will. Psalm 20:6_7

Understanding God’s Power (Eph 1:17_23): The power that is available to Christians is supreme, Lk1:35, Self-sustaining Heb1:3, Full, Almighty,
Unlimited, Eternal Rom 1:20, Unchallengeable (col 1:10) it does not change hand, Isa 40:10

Apostle Paul in his prayer prayed for proper understanding of this power which he described as exceedingly Great 2 Cor 4:7. God is the creator of all things (2 Chr 20_6, Jere 10:12, Gen1:1) Hence is power is absolute, Final. Rev 5:12. God’s Power resides in Jesus Christ. Acts10:38, Jude 1:35

How to Receive power: Acts 1:8. Power is received when an individual is Baptist with the Holy Spirit, Any other form of receiving power and the power received is Fake Acts 19:13_19, Mk 3:22_27

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