Friday, 8 July 2016


MY NAIJA PAIN - poem 132
The heart carries the pains of the body
Hunger a daily neighbour in Nigeria
Hardship is the word preached
I feel pain roaming every street
Our saviour garri now scarce as gold
The kitchen now visited once in a day
My pain encourages tears 

This leadership is flogging us with tares
I sang a eulogy for the general
Now my dreams for the country dimes in his hands
How long doth i feel this pain?
My little ones are hungry now garri is never close
Corruption we claim to fight but this disease dwells in our folds
The blood in your vain is tribalistic
Within some months u saw the world
My heart is heavy i had to pour since suffering has left us poor
I ink my heart with this bitterness
Everything is scarce am now loveless
-          By Orji Kelechi