Tuesday, 14 June 2016


My teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew – Deut 32:2

Topic:           The Lord’s Prayer
Sub Topic:    Give us this day our daily bread
Text:              Mathew 6:19-13, 6:11, Exo 16:13-16

Who do you seek for daily provision? What do you actually need daily? When do you ask for your daily need?

The Lord’s Prayer in the Second Phase focus on man, his needs who and where to access the need. Give us this day our daily bread is taught to help man correct the misconception of thinking and acting that man by his efforts, skills or wisdom can provide for his needs. Ecc 9:11, Prov 30:8.

This teaching emphasis some basic truth

(i)                Man must depend on God by approaching Him daily Ps 16:8:11, Deut 8:18
(ii)              God and God alone is our provider and sustainer – John 6:11, 105:40
(iii)            What man need in life had been provided – In God’s Scheme there is provision before the need but with man need comes before provision. Eph. 1:3
(iv)            All that men possess are giving to man. James 1:17, Ps. 104:28
(v)              Daily bread is man’s daily entitlement as provided in God
(vi)            Man Must Make demand through prayer to God on a daily basis because prayer is a must before fulfillment and satisfaction. Matt 7:7, Ps 55:17
(vii)          Man must have faith and believe for the day’s provision based on the truth and experience of yesterday’s provision. Ps 105:5
(viii)        Man knows his want for the day but God knows men’s need for each day. Jer 29:11
Case Study 1: The Garden in Eden (Gen 2:8-16)
Case Study 2: Manna in the Desert (Exo 16L1-21)

Every day God gives mankind three things as a symbol or sign for His provision of our daily bread – The dew, The Sun, The Moon, Imagine lack of any of this in a day. Our daily bread is that thing that is essential for our daily living simply put Give us this day our daily bread means the wisdom or life sustaining presence of God. I Sam 21.6, Jh 6:48-58, Ex 25:30, Matt 4:4

Pastor Adesola S. A
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