Thursday, 16 June 2016

Iceland defender fires back at Cristiano Ronaldo: Messi will always be better

Christiano Ronaldo wasn’t too impressed with Iceland’s historic draw with Portugal, claiming the team’s defensive strategy was a sign of its “small mentality.”
Iceland’s Kari Arnason, who was tasked with marking Ronaldo, fired back at the Real Madrid star for his critical comments: read comments after the break...

“He’s just a sore loser. He didn’t want to lose the game.
“What does he expect? For us to play like Barcelona against him?
“He fannies about and dives around.”
“Obviously we’re not going to create as many chances as a fantastic team like Portugal, but his comments are the reason why Messi is always going to be one step ahead of him. It shows we got under his skin. It was lovely to hear that.”