Saturday, 18 June 2016


This phrase is like a song in my heart. It's a watchword for me, and should be for Blacks too. Through human existence, it could be seen that the black race has suffered the most hate. I write amazed about the position of the black race now and her future. Black is the only colour that goes with any other, permit me to call "black" a universal colour. This phrase could also be depicted in the acceptance blacks have for other races. In Nigeria for instance we see whites being treated as gods, whereas this people might be ex-convicts in their countries. 

My Uncle worked with a Chinese construction firm, this firm brings convicts to work down here because of the cheap labour, I was amazed and asked how he knew they were ex-cons or convicts he said their prison number was on their hand or waist and when he saw the number one day he asked the meaning and it dawned on him that he has been playing slave to a greater slave. But they come down here and be screaming orders at us(Nigerians) we shout yes sir and all what a life. Black is the colour that keeps the dream alive no matter the obstacles they face. In Africa for instance we have suffered alot, be it bad leadership, corruption and decayed infrastructures and amenities, despite this an average black wakes up not bothered abt the government of his country because he is busy thinking of how to take care of himself and family. Blacks are survivors, we live it through, in the United States of America, a survey carried out in 2014 by American Foundation FC (suicide prevention) rates the highest suicide to be among the whites (14.7) and the second (10.9) weds the Alaskans and Indians but much lower and roughly similar rates were found among Hispanics (6.3), Asians and Pacific Islanders (5.9), and Blacks (5.5). This goes a long way and proves alot, despite the hate an average black man gets, he wipes them off his shoulders and moves on. What else do we need to know that we got all it takes, it is time we go back to being the main attention like our forefathers, it is time we utilise our full potentials, the moment for blacks is now, "I am black" and "black don't crack"   
- by Pliny

Source: Kelechi Orji

Edited by Neme
Published by Nelly Universe