Thursday, 26 May 2016


AFTER 25 years, Sarah Maswasi has decided to park her taxi for the very last time. The Dorljota Taxi Association recently threw a farewell party for Sarah (48). She started driving a taxi when she was 23 years old in 1991. “Not many women are interested in driving taxis because it can be dangerous, but I never saw myself as a teacher or a nurse, so I introduced myself to the taxi world,” she said.

“It wasn’t always easy, especially in the beginning. But I stuck to it because I knew what I wanted. I never got any special treatment from my boss or colleagues.”
Mpho Muthaki, chairman of the association, said Sarah will be missed because she was a peacekeeper among her colleagues.
“She kept us together and resolved our disputes. Mama Sarah was our voice of reason and helped us to realise that violence is not the only way to resolve issues,” he said.
Sarah was known as a good driver who never had any accidents in her many years of driving.
She said she will miss the morning rush hour.
“I used to have good conversations with my passengers,” she said.