Tuesday, 31 May 2016


With his love of music Solo1 has been producing music for many years in HipHop, R&B, and Dance.With the formation of the KeyPusha Music Group production team, it helped push his technique and skills to a new level. Producing music for artists across the U.S. gave insight to how different regions adapted sounds and grooves which helped him establish being a versatile producer and with music and entertainment making the transition to the digital realm over the years, it makes it easier to obtain exposure and reach a multitude of people.  If you are into music view: http://solomegabeatz.soundgine.com/

The SoloMega Beatz platform allows for Solo1 to open the vault to his large catalog of music and put a portion of it on display. He’s met and worked with a lot of interesting artists over the years and is looking forward to meeting more as he grows with the online community.