Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Is he into you or are you just a winter blanket?

Ever wondered why you feel the need to be involved in a romantic relationship more in winter that in other seasons?
There is a link between seasonal changes and our hormones and emotions. Winter arouses our animal instincts to fuel up (eat more) and survive (keep warm by all means).
Many individuals feel the need for the companionship of a lover more in this season, with many ending up in relationships to avoid being alone.

This leaves many individuals in relationships of convenience to avoid loneliness. Plus size women are also favoured during this season, and are celebrated as “ingubo enamehlo”.
Getting into such relationships may be harmful for individuals who fall for the pretence of their suitors as it may leave you broken-hearted at the end of the season, or, at worst, infected with HIV or even pregnant.
Beware of wolves that come with the pretence of wanting love when really, they are just looking to use you to keep warm this winter.

Dear MizzB
I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend since January this year.
He is a nice person who gets along very well with my daughter.
I recently spent a night with him and we used a condom for the first round, but after that he never used protection.
When I asked him if he had used a condom, he said he did use it.
But I am worried that he is not being honest with me.
* Worried
Dear Worried 
It’s good that you have found someone who cares about you and shows great interest in your life by making an effort to have a relationship with your child.
It is, however, very important that when you start a relationship you talk about your expectations, preferences and needs with your lover.
You should tell your partner what you want out of a relationship and what you have to offer in return.
You also need to talk about getting tested for HIV and sexually transmitted infections so that you are aware of what to expect from the relationship.
Having sex without a condom is not wise, especially if you do not know your partner’s sexual history.
When you decide to have unprotected sex, the result of your actions may cause you potential harm and what would happen to your daughter?
Maybe you can encourage your partner to be tested with you for HIV and sexually transmitted infections.
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